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Engaging Students, Empowering Teachers, Energizing Classrooms

~Professional Development for Teachers, by Teachers~

On-line Self-Paced  Book Studies & Podcast Explorations 
Make-and-Take Workshops 

Read what other educators have said: 

Book Studies

Podcast Explorations


I absolutely love your book studies because they are self-paced. Two other colleagues of mine have also taken book studies from you and we pass the books around.


I really appreciated the self-paced format and relatively short assignments. It's allowed me to complete the course in the small spaces of time and energy I have available. 


This course was great! I loved that I could do it on my own time. Although I got so sucked in to it that it took only a couple of days! I liked it that I could do it from the comfort of my own home!! 


I was thankful for the ease of use with this course. You have it set up to be very user friendly. I also appreciated the combination of the reading of the book, the quizzes, blog posts, and videos. That helped mix it up and kept me engaged. I will be recommending it to my colleagues. Thanks! ~Cheri Hartman


The format of the book study is great. It's a nice blend of reading and reflecting. 


They are an easy read, quick quizzes, and easy blog questions. I actually just recommended them to a colleague today. 

I really like all of the guest speakers. Everyone on the show made me feel like I was listening to a real person, not someone talking about things that I won't be able to incorporate in my classroom. I could relate to almost all of them and I was able to learn from each episode.


 I loved this podcast exploration soooo much! I didn't think I would like it as well as I do the book studies, but I actually preferred it.


I liked how inspiring the podcast selections were. I am so excited about teaching right now, and this will be my 20th year in the classroom.


I loved this format. I was able to listen during my drives, my walk and my runs. I love to multitask like that.


This is an "innovative" way of earning a grad credit and learning the same content we could get out of a book.

I love your workshops - love how we can get in students’ shoes!

THANK YOU for an actual worthwhile workshop where I learned so much and never felt bored (a feat coming from a classic multitasker who is often disengaged!)


I really like seeing the videos of the activities being shown in an actual classroom.


I like seeing how these project ideas and activities were utilized in a real classroom. Helps give ideas


This is the best workshop I have ever attended and I have attended a LOT of them


You are wonderful presenters. Terrific ideas. 


Great workshop! Can't wait to try some of these activities in the upcoming year!


It is great to get a copy of the resources - both electronically and printed.


I think you did a great job of mixing content, levels, and moving the workshop along.


I am excited to try transform my classroom!

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