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We now offer graduate credits at 2 universities:
University of Sioux Falls & Boise State Univerity.

Book Studies

Registration Links
1: Grade Smarter, Not Harder USF
2: Learning Unleashed USF
3: Teach Like a Pirate USF or Boise State
4: Teach Like Finland USF or Boise State
5: Ditch that Textbook USF or Boise State
6: The Wild Card USF or Boise State
7: What Schools Could Be USF or Boise State
8: Culturize USF or Boise State
9: The End of Molasses Classes USF or Boise State
10: Relentless USF or Boise State
11: Talk To Me USF or Boise State
12: Ten-Minute Inservice USF or Boise State
13: Innovators Mindset USF or Boise State
14. Fewer Things Better USF or Boise State
15. Kids These Days USF or Boise State
16. The Educator's ATLAS USF

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Podcast Explorations


Registration Links
1: Teaching Keating USF 
2: My Bad: How Extraordinary Educators Learn from Mistakes USF or Boise State
3. Teach Me, Teacher USF or Boise State
4. The Brian Mendler Show USF or Boise State
5. Teachers on Fire USF or Boise State
6. Truth for Teachers USF
7. Educational Duct Tape USF

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Registration Links

1: Transforming Ordinary into Extraordinary

2: More Extraordinary Transformations

3: Transform Student Learning with the 4 C's

4: Trending Transformations 

CLICK for more information about Grad Credit

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