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Make sure to register & pay the university for the graduate credit.


What To Do:

Complete all assignments listed on the assignment page.  You must post 3 documents to Padlet. Documents must be either MindMaps, SketchNotes, or One-Pagers. You must complete all 12 questions on the final exam. 

How To Submit:

See the introductory video to learn how to post documents to Padlet -Your First & Last Name. must show up next to your document! You must complete and submit the final exam using the Google Form provided. 

When To Submit:

Make sure to have all assignments completed by the due date you selected when enrolling with USF for graduate credit.  
No late assignments will be accepted. Also, no friendly reminders will be sent.​  You may want to set yourself reminders in your own personal calendars.

Once you're completed, please give us 1-2 weeks to review this exam and your 3 assignments posted to Padlet.  
Confirmation of credit will not be emailed. Once this review process is complete, check course status/grade on the following university website:
University of Sioux Falls 
Boise State University 

Transcripts will be available from USF 2 - 3 weeks after your completion of the final exam. 
Bosie State University transcripts will be available at the end of each academic term.

Request a transcript of your coursework though your university's website:
University of Sioux Falls 
Boise State University


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