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How to Register:

Go to 

Click on Graduate Credit.

Choose the correct workshop link. (Payment is sent directly to USF.)

What To Do:

Choose 3 activities from the workshop booklet to implement with your students.  Take at least 5 photos or a 2-3 minute video of your students engaged in each activity. 

Be sure you are in at least one of the photos or make an appearance in each video.   

How To Submit:

At the workshop, you will be given access to our Canvas course.  All 3 activities must be submitted through the Canvas course.  (We can no longer accept assignments via email.)

For each activity, you will be asked to describe, analyze, and reflect upon your implementation of the activity.  Then, you’ll add your 5 photos or your 2-3 minute video.

When To Submit:

Each assignment within the Canvas course will have a due date:  October 1st ~ November 1st  ~ December 1st.  You are welcome to send in all 3 assignments prior to October 1st, if that is what you prefer. However, no late assignments will be accepted.  And, no friendly reminders will be sent.​  You may want to set yourself reminders in your own personal calendars.


Transcripts will be available 2-3 weeks after receipt of your final assignment.

Please do not e-mail us to check if we have received your submission. Once you have submitted your assignment through Canvas (as required), you will be able to see it there as well. If you can see your submission, so can we!

You can check to see that you have received your credit by logging in at

You can request your transcript here:

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